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by Lily Havoc

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recorded at KSM recordings
artwork by lukfuks


released May 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Lily Havoc Mülheim, Germany

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Track Name: trash
Fight, destroy - Order and norms

Trash, trash, trash - Sexist repression
Trash, trash, trash - Gender oppression
Trash, trash, trash - All your lies

We're the feminists generation
We will find our own direction
Track Name: unicorn
Yes, we're still singing the same shit
Do you really think, you're the only one who's tired of it?
I'd rather sing about unicorns,
But we're still getting raped and shamed

All over again - This world is fucking me
All over again - I'm screaming it in your face

You're not sexist, you just don't like girl's voices
Too squeaky, a pain in your ear
Yes, you think, girls should be free, but careful not to be a tease

Now I'm squeaking in your painful ear:
My freedom, my voice will never be your choice
Track Name: diamond dust
Meant the same

Came from the ocean - rained from the sky
Desert of ice - transformed my disguise
You were carried in a bubbly stream - boosting your creativity
That's not my reality - that's not my reality

Here we are
Meant the same
Not the same

Your life - made you blind
Blind to see - my reality

Negating my history - leaving me one step behind
blaming me, blaming me - blaming me, blaming me
Track Name: F34.1
I'd rather die, then to march in line
I might give up, but I'll never give in

The way out is the way in
Where your doubt is shriveling

I won't sleep, I won't eat
I won't speak, I won't move
Cause your bed's a trap, your food is dead,
your ears are deaf, there's no way out

I'll stumble on with my broken spine

smash everything that's crushing you
doubt all that's sedating you
Track Name: straight world order
Getting out of the line of fire, making it a line for fire - Straight world order
Unconsciously gouging me, switching genes on and off - Straight world order
And with my conscious consent eating all my glitter - Straight world order

Born born born - We're not even born human

straight world order takes your freedom and it's bloody history forces you to be a part of straight world order normalcy

Had a name before we had a voice
Had a color when we were still blind

straight world order- where's the man, who's the man, can I please get a name?
straight world order - I'm the man, you're the man, cause we all look for the man
straight world order- who's genius' brains baby was it to name the others

safe my glitter and I will safe yours
safe my glitter and I will safe yours

*inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eosTHMwVhyk